Ants are one of the most successful and well organized groups of insects in the animal kingdom. Ants are popularly known as social insects. They form communities which are highly organized and sometimes these communities can comprise of millions of individuals. These ant species or their colonies are of invasive nature. The individuals in ant communities work in unison to form super colonies which can span over a large area of land. Describing the ants as super-organisms therefore is no misnomer because they operate as a single entity. Orion provides the best ant pest control services in india.

Pavement Ants

As their very name suggests these ants commonly nests in or under cracks in pavements. They are normally about 1/12-1/18” (2.5-4mm) long and their queen is about 3/8” (8mm) long.

Black Ants

These ants belong to the family of Monomorium. They are really small in size, black and are closely related to the Pharaoh ant (an indoor pest ant). It nests in soil under rocks, logs and debris.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants has length around ¼ inches (6.4mm) for a worker ant and ¾ inches 919.14 mm) for a queen. The carpenter ants survive in damp locations. The carpenter ants prefer to excavate wood that has been damaged by water or moisture.Special methods are required to ensure appropriate carpenter ants control.

Fire Ants

These ants have the ability to inflict tremendous painful bites and stings, a characteristic from which it derived its name. A mature colony in Fire ants can produce as many as 4,500 swarmer during a year. The queen lives for 2-6 years. The males among the group die shortly after mating.Programs of organic pest control can be taken recourse to in order to get rid of them.


  • In order to save food from ant it is very important that you keep food debris free. It is important in particular to pay attention to floors, area around the tables, chairs, kitchen sinks and cookers.
  • It is not hygienic to leave used utensils overnight. Wash your utensils immediately after use.
  • It is advisable to tie garbage in refuse bags before disposing them.
  • Make sure to wipe away spilled sweet drinks and food immediately.
  • Treat the nests with residual insecticide. For instance dust in the voids of outside ground-floor walls; use a residual insecticide to efficiently treat the cracks in the slab and you can also adhere to barrier treatment to ascertain best control. You can also inject directly with an appropriately labeled high-pressure aerosol (160 psi) into the entrance and exit opening in the cracks or expansion joint of a concrete floor in order to get effective results.
  • For ensuring best prevention and control from ant problems seek Orion Pest’s Control’s help.
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