They have earned their dangerous reputation by transmitting viruses that cause some of the deadliest diseases such as Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue, Chikungunya and the very latest Zika Virus to the human world. Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood in order to provide nutrients to their eggs. Their adaptability with the changing weather conditions and reproduction rate is simply remarkable.

We must increase our awareness about the threat posed by mosquitoes and preventive steps we could take to protect ourselves. Using mosquito repellents could only work as a temporary solution. There is a need of comprehensive and effective solution to drive away these blood-sucking insects for a long period of time for securing healthy living.

Aedes Mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes are the main vectors that transmit virus responsible for causing dengue and their average lifespan is around two weeks. Some species have been spread by human activity. Aedes albopictus, a most invasive species, was recently spread to the New World, including the US, by the used-tire trade. Aedes mosquitoes are visually distinctive because they have noticeable black and white markings on their body and legs. Unlike most other mosquitos, they are active and biting only during the daytime.

Culex Mosquito

They are light brown in color. This breed of mosquitoes is also very active during the night when they generally bite. Their bites can be very itchy. One species of culex mosquitoes are a nuisance because the female lays many eggs at once and then they hatch out into numerous adults. Effective pest control services India are designed to effectively eradicate the problems of mosquitoes invading our property.

Anopheles Mosquito

They are most important since they are the common vector of malaria. These mosquitoes have a white or rusty-red spots on their wings. Night is the time when they generally bite. They generally require ground seepage, streams, ponds and swampy areas to breed. Appropriate methods of mosquito control in India are required to get rid of them.


  • Do change the water in the container at least once a week. This is important since the eggs take only 7 days to become an adult.
  • In order to prevent full grown female mosquitoes from breeding always cover up your stored water.
  • Take special care that rain water is not getting stored in the unused or uncovered items around your house. Keep checking your roof gutters on regular basis for any sort of blockage.
  • Add insecticide granules to water in plant bowls and plates beneath pots to kill the larvae.These granules can last 1 – 3 months.
  • For ensuring a mosquito-free & safe living environment call the professionals of Orion Pest.
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