Orion Pest Control offers pro-active, safe and effective termite control services across India. With a team of highly experienced service specialists, we provide advanced pest solutions through the use of latest technologies to solve all of your termite problems within no time. We also provide Pre construction termite treatment as per IS 6313 standard. We stand by you as one of the best termite control service provider in terms of exterminating existing termites and protect you, your family and your entire area with our ‘go green’ approach. At Orion, we work diligently to extend our termite control services to eliminate termite infestation. We care for you!

Termit control services

Termites are one of the most annoying pests that infest our homes and cause terrible damage leading to frustrating costly repairs. They can eat anything made with cellulose, like wood. They tunnel through the bottom of any piece of wood, working their way up and making it their shelter. They are proficient in terms of the art of survival and are extremely adaptable even in the toughest situation. By the time you detect termite infestation, it might be too late as they reproduce quickly. Hence, it is vital to hire a professional service specialist to perform your termite control.

Orion Pest Control is a full-service pest control company offering preventative and professional termite control services across the country. When it comes to termite problems, rest assured! We’re here to help you. Our certified service technicians are well trained and equipped with requisite knowledge and experience to resolve your termite problem. Your concern is our priority.

We provide complete termite control services round the clock to protect your family, home and business.

Anti-termite treatment

Our extensive termite control solutions revolve round the concept of giving you peace of mind and a healthy living for brighter years ahead. To control termites, we follow a comprehensive approach to permanently deal with the problem. We ensure proper identification and inspection of the infected areas of your space and perform anti-termite treatment to eradicate termites efficiently. With Orion Pest Control, you can put your worries to sleep and relax as we are much appreciated for our effective treatments.

Termite Inspection

Our team of termite control technicians carry out an in-depth inspection of your area using the latest technology and provide the necessary recommendations and solutions to curb the situation if termites are detected.

Termite Monitoring

We offer a suite of termite control services by deploying several methods and techniques to protect your home or business premises against termites. Termite monitoring is one of them. It involves the use of surveillance-based placement of termite bait stations around the perimeter of your residence or property to detect and monitor the population of existing termites and their activities.If termites are discovered, bait is added in orabove the ground. The termites consume the bait which contains termiticide (chemical termite barrier) and become the carrier of the termiticide. They spread it to the rest of the colony, thereby reducing the population. This is known as transfer effect or post construction termite treatment.

Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid termite treatment is yet another proven method of termite control to ensure protection against termite infestation. Our certified and well-trained technicians perform the inspection of your entire area to check the existence of subterranean termites. On detection of existing or past termites, they create a trench in the soil, drill through areas around the outside perimeter of your home or business premises and penetrate a highly effective liquid termiticide which is a non-repellant. The liquid termiticide helps in eliminating subterranean termites with a single application and delivers 100% results within a very short period.

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