Apart from carrying a number of deadly diseases, they bite human beings, cut down wires, mutilate our valuable belongings, damage buildings, and create unsanitary living conditions. Every year millions of people died from rodent-borne diseases. The dangerous aspect of their nature is that they can rapidly transport diseases.

Some diseases known to be spread by flies include E.Coli, Plague, Salmonella, Rat-Bite Fever, Lyme disease and more. Rodents have brilliantly adapted the skills of living in close proximity to humans. The moment you detect rat infestation, quickly consult with a pest control professional.

Norway Rat

They are also referred to as the brown rat or the sewer rat. They have the tendency of growing pretty large. These are the rats that we commonly encounter running in drains, around the eating places, in bin center and in warehouses. Appropriate rodent control methods must be implemented to get rid of them.

House Misc

They are very small in comparison to the other rats. Because of their tiny size they can enter buildings very easily. They are also very good in climbing, jumping and swimming. They live in small groups and nests in gaps between walls, false ceilings, furniture and rubbish dumps.

Roof Rat

These rats feed on all kind of foods including ours. They create nuisance by contaminating our food with their urine and faeces. This is a very common way in which the rats transmit diseases such as leptospirosis. Well determined method of rats control at house is required to control them and their breeding.

Sewer Rat

As their very name suggests they are found mostly in sewers. They come out when the sewers run dry into toilet bowls and open drains which do not have cast iron lids. Their behavior and lifecycle is similar to the ways of Norway or Brown Rats.


  • It is necessary to keep all the food stuff away from the reach of rats. Store the food in air tight and strong containers. Don’t use plastic for storage since rats are able to gnaw through plastics.
  • Keep your household free from food wastes and spillage. Dispose them in a tied plastic bag. Place the bags inside tightly covered strong bins. Don’t simply throw away wastes in plastic bags because it won’t be very difficult for rats to eat through the plastic bags.
  • Block all the possible entry points with wire mesh in your household to prevent rats from entering the house.Wire mesh can also be placed around pipes to stop rats from climbing up or down into houses.
  • Snap trap is the most effective way of killing rats instantly. Place the trap baited with cheese and left it on the rat routes.
  • Rat infestation needs to be dealt with professional assistance. Call for Orion Pest Control.
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