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Termites pose a major threat to our furniture. They feed voraciously on wood and are akin to destroy paper products such as book, cardboard, boxes and a whole array of other items.  the total consideration on this fact enables us to speed up the process of insect control and  get the best termite control.

It is true that most of us insure our houses to help recover loss arising from fires, storms and earthquakes, but is it possible to carry insurance against termite infestation? A termite colony is large and well organized. They comprise a queen, king and winged reproductive swarmer, soldiers and workers. Worker termites are the one who are small, creamy and white insects.


Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites derive their name from their very source of existence. These kinds of termites generally establish themselves in wood that is not decayed, or in contact with the ground moisture.


Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are the most damaging species among termites. They require being in regular contact with moisture for their survival. Therefore, these termites most commonly nests underground and also has the capability to damage the timber foundations.


  • It is very important to keep all the wooden items at least 20 cm above the ground to ensure safety from termite.
  • Get rid of decaying trees or debris nearby, if there are any.
  • Plant your trees away from house.
  • Replace with concrete all wood that’s in contact with soil.
  • Take advice and help from a professional to recognize termite infestation if there are any and get rid of the problem.
  • Termiticides are very important to treat termite infestation. We make sure that terimiticide is handled by a licensed pest control operator.

Warm, dark and white environments are the breeding ground for cockroaches. Normally cockroaches hide themselves in crack and crevice of the house.

They are most active during night. Cockroach posse great threat on the food we consume and the items of our daily use like soap, glue, toothpaste, paper, leather and also excrement. Their size varies from small to large depending on their species.


American Cockroach

They are of red-brown color and are normally 3-4 cm long. They are most common among the cockroach species to be found in Singapore and are seen most often around houses, in cabinets, restaurants, grocery stores, sewers and rubbish chutes.


Oriental Cockroach

These cockroaches look similar to the American cockroach but they are darker brown in color. Oriental cockroaches also have yellow marks on their thorax. They generally are keener to feed on plant materials such as the leaf litter.


Australian Cockroach

They are similar in look to American cockroach but they are darker brown in color with yellow markings on thorax. They generally feed on the plant materials such as a leaf litter. Well researched household pest control and biological pest control methods are required in order to get rid of these insects and ensure control on their breeding.


German Cockroach

These species of cockroaches unlike the American cockroach are amber-brown in color and are 1-2 cm long. They are smallest specie in cockroach of all. It does not fly and generally survive in warm and damp environments. They are found in kitchens, store rooms, under sinks and cupboards.


It is very important to eliminate the factors of its breeding if you are to get rid of cockroaches. The survival of cockroach can be prevented if the following measures are adhered:

  • The food must be kept in air tight containers and cabinets
  • Sinks, tables and floors must be kept clean and no food wastes must be left there
  • Dishes and utensils must be washed thoroughly after meals. Avoid storing left overs.
  • If there are any cracks of crevice in your wall seal them.
  • Clear away old newspapers, boxes and cardboard cartons as they are often the best hiding places for the cockroach.
  • Inspect all the incoming stock, crates and boxes for cockroaches and their eggs cases before storage.
  • If you are looking forward to long term solution for infestation then call Orion Pest for professional help.


Ants are one of the most successful and well organized groups of insects in the animal kingdom. Ants are popularly known as social insects. They form communities which are highly organized and sometimes these communities can comprise of millions of individuals. These ant species or their colonies are of invasive nature. The individuals in ant communities work in unison to form super colonies which can span over a large area of land. Describing the ants as super-organisms therefore is no misnomer because they operate as a single entity. Orion provides the best ant pest control services in india.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants has length around ¼ inches (6.4mm) for a worker ant and ¾ inches 919.14 mm) for a queen. The carpenter ants survive in damp locations. The carpenter ants prefer to excavate wood that has been damaged by water or moisture.Special methods are required to ensure appropriate carpenter ants control.


Pavement Ants

As their very name suggests these ants commonly nests in or under cracks in pavements. They are normally about 1/12-1/18” (2.5-4mm) long and their queen is about 3/8” (8mm) long.


Black Ants

These ants belong to the family of Monomorium. They are really small in size, black and are closely related to the Pharaoh ant (an indoor pest ant). It nests in soil under rocks, logs and debris.



These ants have the ability to inflict tremendous painful bites and stings, a characteristic from which it derived its name. A mature colony in Fire ants can produce as many as 4,500 swarmer during a year. The queen lives for 2-6 years. The males among the group die shortly after mating.Programs of organic pest control can be taken recourse to in order to get rid of them.


  • In order to save food from ant it is very important that you keep food debris free. It is important in particular to pay attention to floors, area around the tables, chairs, kitchen sinks and cookers.
  • It is not hygienic to leave used utensils overnight. Wash your utensils immediately after use.
  • It is advisable to tie garbage in refuse bags before disposing them.
  • Make sure to wipe away spilled sweet drinks and food immediately.
  • Treat the nests with residual insecticide. For instance dust in the voids of outside ground-floor walls; use a residual insecticide to efficiently treat the cracks in the slab and you can also adhere to barrier treatment to ascertain best control. You can also inject directly with an appropriately labeled high-pressure aerosol (160 psi) into the entrance and exit opening in the cracks or expansion joint of a concrete floor in order to get effective results.
  • For ensuring best prevention and control from ant problems seek Orion Pest’s Control’s help.

The tiny buzzing vampires called Mosquitoes, cause more deaths than any other animals on the planet.

They have earned their dangerous reputation by transmitting viruses that cause some of the deadliest diseases such as Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue, Chikungunya and the very latest Zika Virus to the human world. Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood in order to provide nutrients to their eggs. Their adaptability with the changing weather conditions and reproduction rate is simply remarkable.

We must increase our awareness about the threat posed by mosquitoes and preventive steps we could take to protect ourselves. Using mosquito repellents could only work as a temporary solution. There is a need of comprehensive and effective solution to drive away these blood-sucking insects for a long period of time for securing healthy living.


Aedes Mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes are the main vectors that transmit virus responsible for causing dengue and their average lifespan is around two weeks. Some species have been spread by human activity. Aedes albopictus, a most invasive species, was recently spread to the New World, including the US, by the used-tire trade. Aedes mosquitoes are visually distinctive because they have noticeable black and white markings on their body and legs. Unlike most other mosquitos, they are active and biting only during the daytime.


Anopheles Mosquito

They are most important since they are the common vector of malaria. These mosquitoes have a white or rusty-red spots on their wings. Night is the time when they generally bite. They generally require ground seepage, streams, ponds and swampy areas to breed. Appropriate methods of mosquito control in India are required to get rid of them.


Culex Mosquito

They are light brown in color. This breed of mosquitoes is also very active during the night when they generally bite. Their bites can be very itchy. One species of culex mosquitoes are a nuisance because the female lays many eggs at once and then they hatch out into numerous adults. Effective pest control services India are designed to effectively eradicate the problems of mosquitoes invading our property.


  • Do change the water in the container at least once a week. This is important since the eggs take only 7 days to become an adult.
  • In order to prevent full grown female mosquitoes from breeding always cover up your stored water.
  • Take special care that rain water is not getting stored in the unused or uncovered items around your house. Keep checking your roof gutters on regular basis for any sort of blockage.
  • Add insecticide granules to water in plant bowls and plates beneath pots to kill the larvae.These granules can last 1 – 3 months.
  • For ensuring a mosquito-free & safe living environment call the professionals of Orion Pest.

Flies do not bite or sting, in spite of that they are considered lethal to human beings.

They are known for spreading easily communicable diseases. These seemingly harmless insects are the carriers of at least 200 known pathogens and parasites to humans. They hover around any imaginable filthy places, carry germs from their and transfer these deadly germs to the food we eat. Some diseases known to be spread by flies include cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other food-borne maladies.


Drain Fly

They are about 1/6-inch in length and are light grey in color or tan in color with even lighter colored wings. Their body as well as wings is covered with long hairs which attributes to its fuzzy appearance. They fold their wings over the body in a roof like manner when resting. Different methods of hornet control India must be applied to get rid of this problem.


Blow Fly

They are larger in size from the house flies. They are shiny and metallic blue or green on color. They are also referred to as the “Blue-bottle” fly. They exist in garbage damps, dead animals, excrement and food.


House Fly

House flies are the general feeders. They are attracted to multitude of different things from excrement to human foods. They have a sponging mouthpart because of which they can only feed on liquids. Appropriate fleas and ticks prevention is required to stop them from causing nuisance.


Fruit Fly

They are very small in size and are yellow-brown in color. They frequent near decade fruit, vegetables or rubbish. Fruit flies tend to be more active around dawn and dusk.


  • It is important to remove garbage, faeces and other animal matters regularly.
  • Always dispose such materials tied in a plastic bag.
  • If manures are to be used as fertilizers they must be stored in tied bags and kept dry. Manure left exposed in open is the favourite ground for flies breeding. Therefore always cover manure with a layer of earth or soil.
  • Fix fly scree to your windows to prevent the entry of flies to your home.
  • Use aerosol insecticide to kill adult flies. Although aerosol must be strictly kept out of kitchens, restaurants and F&B outlets. Instead you can use fly bait consisting of syrup or food mixed with insecticides is more suitable.

Rats are huge nuisance not only for the homeowners but also for the business owners.

Apart from carrying a number of deadly diseases, they bite human beings, cut down wires, mutilate our valuable belongings, damage buildings, and create unsanitary living conditions. Every year millions of people died from rodent-borne diseases. The dangerous aspect of their nature is that they can rapidly transport diseases.

Some diseases known to be spread by flies include E.Coli, Plague, Salmonella, Rat-Bite Fever, Lyme disease and more. Rodents have brilliantly adapted the skills of living in close proximity to humans. The moment you detect rat infestation, quickly consult with a pest control professional.


Norway Rat

They are also referred to as the brown rat or the sewer rat. They have the tendency of growing pretty large. These are the rats that we commonly encounter running in drains, around the eating places, in bin center and in warehouses. Appropriate rodent control methods must be implemented to get rid of them.


House Misc

They are very small in comparison to the other rats. Because of their tiny size they can enter buildings very easily. They are also very good in climbing, jumping and swimming. They live in small groups and nests in gaps between walls, false ceilings, furniture and rubbish dumps.


Roof Rat

These rats feed on all kind of foods including ours. They create nuisance by contaminating our food with their urine and faeces. This is a very common way in which the rats transmit diseases such as leptospirosis. Well determined method of rats control at house is required to control them and their breeding.


Sewer Rat

As their very name suggests they are found mostly in sewers. They come out when the sewers run dry into toilet bowls and open drains which do not have cast iron lids. Their behavior and lifecycle is similar to the ways of Norway or Brown Rats.


  • It is necessary to keep all the food stuff away from the reach of rats. Store the food in air tight and strong containers. Don’t use plastic for storage since rats are able to gnaw through plastics.
  • Keep your household free from food wastes and spillage. Dispose them in a tied plastic bag. Place the bags inside tightly covered strong bins. Don’t simply throw away wastes in plastic bags because it won’t be very difficult for rats to eat through the plastic bags.
  • Block all the possible entry points with wire mesh in your household to prevent rats from entering the house.Wire mesh can also be placed around pipes to stop rats from climbing up or down into houses.
  • Snap trap is the most effective way of killing rats instantly. Place the trap baited with cheese and left it on the rat routes.
  • Rat infestation needs to be dealt with professional assistance. Call for Orion Pest Control.