Orion Pest Solutions is duly APPROVED AND ACCREDITED BY GOVT. OF INDIA in the supervision and use of METHYL BROMIDE and ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE in pest control India.Pests automatically seek out the way to get in, to obtain food and water. These invaders not only cause damage to your home, but also spread germs and allergic diseases. Orion Pest Solutions is best pest control company in India, We undertake all area to be fumigated.

Fumigation with Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide is the most effective way of controlling pest infestation. It is the method of killing pest, termites or any other living organisms. Normally, fumigation is done for wooden materials used in packing goods, which are to be exported. The fumigation license is necessary for carried out fumigation services and it will be issued by the authority.

Fumigation process

Fumigation is a process and the fumigant is a chemical which at required temperature and pressure can exist in a gaseous state in an enclosed space over a period of time and in a lethal concentration to a pest organism.Generally, Fumigation is used for killing of microorganisms and prevention of microbial growth on surfaces.

Food grains stored in warehouses often result in losses due to storage pests which can exceed the losses incurred while growing the crop. High level of infestation and accumulation of detritus in grain make it unfit for human consumption as well as for export. With the introduction of ISPM-15 standard, fumigation is now a mandatory requirement especially when wooden components are used in exports as packaging material, be it food grains or engineering goods.

List of fumigation services include:

  • Wooden pallets fumigation
  • Empty container fumigation
  • Cargo fumigation
  • Tobacco fumigation
  • Seeds fumigation
  • Warehouse fumigation
  • Agriculture products fumigation
  • Flour Mills fumigation
  • Timber fumigation
  • Ship and Aircraft fumigation

Further Information

For any residential pest control services, feel free to call us and discover how fumigation can help you in your business. Contact us today and get your estimate.

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